Setting Boundaries and Sticking to Them

Setting Boundaries and Sticking to Them by Aimee B. Davis{3:36 minutes to read} When you do good work, the reward (curse) is MORE WORK!

Let’s say you are the BOSS…You’re looking to staff an important project. You see someone not so motivated (Barney), then you see someone who will jump on it and do it (Mary). You know you have to get this job done, there’s a deadline. So, what is your first inclination? Give it to Mary, skip Barney. You give it to the person who you know will get it done.

So, how does this impact Barney and Mary? Barney goes home on time, Mary stays at work late to finish the task you assigned to her. More often than not, Mary won’t be compensated for taking on the extra work. She resents Barney, her boss, and the company, and she snaps at her kids.

In your line of work, are you able to set and keep boundaries (that are meaningful to you), so you don’t feel overcommitted, guilty and/or resentful?

As an entrepreneur, I’m often faced with the challenge of creating and maintaining a proper work-life balance, but evidence of this conflict comes up all around me daily. This is a common problem everyone faces. Even my local manicurist was pissed off when I walked in last week and wouldn’t let her pass me off to another nail tech.

We are taught to be responsible and do the best we can with everything in life, but certainly at work. Most of us have learned that taking on additional responsibility, picking up slack for others, or standing out in some other way, is the best way to advance in everything—your job, your career, and in life. And so, most of us strive for excellence.

And then there are those that don’t. They choose to remain mediocre or are satisfied with mediocrity. They don’t really care as long as they get a regular paycheck. They are perfectly happy with the status quo. This leaves extra work to be done.

But, in the information age, with 24/7 work expectations, there’s always another task on the TO-DO List (and you know Barney isn’t going to do it).

So, how can you avoid living in a constant state of stress? There is no break, so it’s up to us individually to hit the pause button. Everyone needs to develop skills enabling them to set boundaries they are comfortable with and skills to learn how to stick to those boundaries. I don’t mean to underestimate the magnitude of this undertaking. I believe it’s a lifelong journey, but one thing I am confident of: the journey begins with each individual taking a few long and slow breaths. Shout-out to Trina Morris @ #BreatheBro

And … it’s better than beating Barney over the head with a stapler.

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2 Responses to Setting Boundaries and Sticking to Them

  1. steven nicokiris says:

    Hey Aimee – I read your short article on work life balance. I was curious about your reference to Barney and Mary. I thought you were going to were going to make some other comments about them and whether or not the Boss might need to address that.

    • aimeebdavis says:

      Barney, Mary and their boss may appear in future installments…stay tuned, and thank you for your interest in my blog!

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