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FEAR! — How To Face It Head-On and Turn It Into a Positive

{4:06 minutes to read} In May’s blog post , I discussed the value of taking a few long and slow breaths before embarking on any daunting task. I have an irrational fear of heights. I discovered this 25 years ago whilst … Continue reading

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Setting Boundaries and Sticking to Them

{3:36 minutes to read} When you do good work, the reward (curse) is MORE WORK! Let’s say you are the BOSS…You’re looking to staff an important project. You see someone not so motivated (Barney), then you see someone who will … Continue reading

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Controlling the Punch of BIG DATA

{3:54 minutes to read} Contrary to popular belief, the collection and use of BIG DATA didn’t begin with the advent of the Information Age. According to Edwin Black, an investigative journalist, author, and the son of Holocaust survivors, the use … Continue reading

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