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Can an Entrepreneur Regularize Her Income?

{3 minutes to read}  One thing an entrepreneur can rely on is that from time to time she will encounter a rather unpredictable revenue stream. That’s okay, some folks have the stomach for this and others simply don’t. Frankly, I … Continue reading

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How Can a Solo Attorney Satisfy All the Clients All the Time?

{3:18 minutes to read}  This was one of many questions I asked myself when starting my solo practice. The answer is they can’t. I am not an expert in all aspects of law, and I can’t answer every client question. … Continue reading

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Do You Engage in Good Business Habits?

{4:24 minutes to read} Although Q1 2017 is in the history books, it’s never too late to re-evaluate your business habits and consider how they may be improved. Transitioning from an employee of BIG LAW to a solo practitioner was … Continue reading

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Want Your Work to Feel Like Play?

{3:30 minutes to read} Recently, a number of people have asked us, “Where do you get the majority of your referrals?” This is a difficult question to answer. However, relationship building is the key to having a successful solo practice. … Continue reading

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