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Are Your Marketing Efforts Visible?

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 I like to say that everything I know about marketing, I taught myself. I didn’t study marketing in school. I never even took a marketing course. However, as the proprietor of Aimee B. Davis Law P.C., I’ve had to learn a great deal over the past 7 years about the best ways to promote my “laptop” law practice, but there is always more to learn about marketing in the digital age.


I recently had the privilege of meeting David Avrin, author of Visibility Marketing: The No-Holds-Barred Truth About What It Takes to Grab Attention, Build Your Brand, and Win New Business.

I was impressed with David’s enthusiasm for his subject matter and his fresh and interesting perspective. He starts with the premise that, in today’s environment, being good at what you do is no longer a distinguishing characteristic.


David assumes that everyone is good at what they do, because if they aren’t, they won’t be in business for very long. The key to success in 2017 is not to communicate why you are a good choice, but to prove that you are a better choice than others who are also good.


“Today, effective marketing is not about competence. It’s about creating and communicating competitive advantage.”

How can you become the purple cow in the herd?

If being competent is no longer your value proposition, how can you be known not just as a good choice, but as the best choice for something? Always have clarity in your marketing messages and be strategic in your efforts to stay top of mind.


I represent clients in a variety of industries, but I promote my practice by touting my expertise in the telecommunications and fashion merchandising industries.

So, once you’ve identified your message, how do you make it visible?

“Visibility marketing is about your wisdom or expertise front and center on their smartphones.”


In addition to face-to-face meetings, posting, blogging, email, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the keys to successful visibility marketing.


That’s why I’ve been committed to writing this monthly blog!


When I launched my firm, I decided to promote my services through social media. I realized I wouldn’t get the traction I needed to ensure long-term success by sitting behind my computer, or even attending one-on-one or group networking meetings. My objectives are to stay top of mind and constantly reach new eyeballs through the promotion of my blog.


What are you doing to be remarkable (i.e., visible) in your field? Are you a purple cow or just one of the herd?


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