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How Do You Define Success?

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A solo practitioner or any type of freelancer should be prepared to face regular ebbs and flows in the level of work they receive. Before launching Aimee B. Davis Law P.C. and whenever I am struggling to get clients, I spend time on a daily basis thinking about how I can redefine success. I’ve expanded my definition of success to include having the freedom to choose my clients, associates and friends.
One of the things I learned early on as a solo practitioner is that clients tend to come and go. My practice is largely transactional, which can result in a one-time only representation. So, I have come to anticipate that “dry spells” are simply phases that I will finesse my way through. When things are slow at work, I take advantage of the extra time to cultivate my personal friendships and network with other professionals.
In order to keep my confidence up (which is a key component for success), I’ve developed a practice where I pause at the end of each day to ask if I have done enough to move myself forward toward achieving my year-long goals.

I was intrigued by an article I recently saw by Jeanne Brutman, LLC, called, What is Success? About this subject, she says:

“I have struggled with what is success. Is it how much money I have? How many clients I have served? The square footage of my home? The credentials after my name? The number of published articles in established well reputed online and print sources? All of these certainly have been used or are actively being used as criteria by folks. Perhaps it is my age or the summation of my life experiences, but none of them seem appropriate. I have decided that the definition of success is a daily incremental measure that adds up to a lifetime of experiences.”
Jeanne goes on to break down success into categories, such as daily, monthly, and annual acts of success, all of which are interesting and uniquely personal to her. To me, the most charming part of Jeanne’s article is her conclusion that she has proof of success on her own terms:
“I like myself. I am content…I am satisfied with my life, my position, the people I am surrounded with and the decisions and experiences that have gotten me here. I am grateful.”
And that’s how I define success as well.

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