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{4 minutes to read} It was a terrific boost being reminded that I’m not blogging into the ether when I heard from Anne Pansard in response to my blog about the importance of authenticity in developing trust.

Anne was introduced to me by a client in 2019. He thought my blogs would be valuable to her because she is a cross-border, multicultural business attorney in Chicago. Anne’s legal experience spans eight years practicing in Big Law, then as general counsel for four years at an ag-biotech company, where she gained experience in employment law and intellectual property licensing. Originally from France, Anne’s been solo for two and a half years, primarily representing US affiliates of European companies.

Anne reached out to say:

“I think I need a female mentor attorney.”

I found out how much my blog has resonated with her when we recently caught up. I asked her three questions:

  1. How can I be of assistance to you?
  2. Why are you seeking a female mentor?
  3. Why me?

Anne told me there are few independent female attorneys besides me who have inspired her. She remembers things I told her 3 years ago regarding what I enjoy most about my solo corporate legal practice. She remembered I enjoyed the flexibility of stepping out in the middle of the day to run an errand. In pre-Covid 2016, I contemplated expanding our definition of success in “How Do You Define Success?” to include the freedom to choose our clients, associates and friends. Anne also mentioned reading “Your Biggest Obstacle is Fear” and feeling empowered to beat back anxiety as she expanded her firm’s service offering.

Anne said:

“I’ve never had a female mentor in my practice area.”

Although I’ve had some (one of whom is also an Anne), we agree the majority of our mentors from Big Law are men, and we acknowledge that as solos, it’s challenging to be able to help them on an equal basis.

Anne told me that she initially tried to fit into the corporate boys club. But, we’ve learned from experience that, in order to survive and thrive as solos, we must create a lot of different networks, as well as continue to grow and stretch ourselves professionally.

We also agree that what we enjoy most about practicing corporate law is the human interaction, client appreciation, and being someone that our clients turn to for advice and counsel, rely upon, trust and respect. As women, we naturally tend to care about developing and building relationships, and attorneys who care tend to work harder at helping clients achieve their business objectives, efficiently and cost effectively.

Anne decided she’s waited too long to reach out to professional women. Until recently, she didn’t think of targeting, supporting and leveraging the community of professional women.

We agreed we would both try harder to support one another and other women in business.

After all, we concluded, it’s not only our expertise, but also our soft skills, such as caring and empathy, which make our clients come to and stick with us.

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  1. No Aimee, you are not blogging into the ether. We all need people to help us along on our journey, whether that is a mentor, friend, cheerleader, etc. I don’t think anybody really wants to or expects to do it alone – but the hard part might just be knowing where to go and how to ask. Good to know there are folks like you out there you’re out there asking questions and making a difference.

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