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Mastering the Metaverse

Mastering the Metaverse {4 minutes to read}  In June 2022, I participated in a webinar entitled Mastering the Metaverse, presented by Mitch Jackson, a litigator who seemed to be strongly advocating for attorneys to create their own avatars and promptly commence entering the Metaverse to provide legal services to clients.  WHAT A SHOCKING REVELATION! Certainly,… Continue reading Mastering the Metaverse

Are NFTs the Emperor’s New Clothes?

{3 minutes to read} I was enthusiastic to hear from Craig Jacobson, managing director at B. Riley Advisory Services, in response to my latest blog. He compared the current market for NFTs to playing a “game of chicken.” I couldn’t wait to learn more about what he meant.

What is the Value of an NFT?

{4 minutes to read}
What’s an NFT?
According to Christie’s, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique, digital certificate stored on the blockchain evidencing certain “ownership rights” in a digital asset/work of art. NFTs are easily traded by artists and others because the provenance, history, and all activities related to the work can be viewed by the public utilizing the same technology as crypto-currencies. Blockchain technology reduces counterparty risk and enables people who don’t know each other (and will never meet) to transact across borders.