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Developing Trust in a Remote Environment Part 2

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So last time I concluded that trusting (advisory) relationships and new networking communities CAN BE (and, in fact, HAVE BEEN) created remotely during the Covid era. Nevertheless, since our new networking connections have been reduced to talking heads on a screen, it is more challenging than ever to distinguish ourselves in the Zoom landscape.

Can we ensure that our marketing messages are VISIBLE?

After a year of this pandemic, there is still a lot to learn about utilizing technology in a way that helps to establish your value proposition, ie. be a PURPLE COW. There is no doubt that in the Covid era, we should endeavor to be a “blinking light” on social media, as Debra Forman has so aptly expressed it.

But, in addition to being consistent and present, the third essential element to developing trust in a remote environment is to BE AUTHENTIC!

I like to surround myself with people who “think outside of the box,” and Shelley Simpson, who I met last year via Zoom networking, provides a powerful example of someone who has established an authentic online brand, which is all about healthcare and wellness.
In all of my virtual interactions with her, Shelley proves to be a force of nature with impressive leadership skills and an inspirational on-line presence, which she has been honing for several years. Shelley willingly dove head-first into new technology when she began her daily (weekday) Facebook LIVE video broadcasts (“FB Lives”), and she told me that in order to avoid “burn-out” she’s been sticking with the following themes:
  • Monday is about myth-busting (where she deconstructs a popular adage, such as “things always work out”)
  • Tuesday is Truth
  • Wednesday is “What If Wednesday?”
  • Thursday is “Think About It Thursday” and
  • Friday is “FUN on Friday!”
By speaking extemporaneously, yet keeping with these daily themes, Shelley demonstrates her authenticity on a consistent basis. While revealing many painful truths about her professional and personal journey, Shelley manages to simultaneously exude confidence and positivity. I am often enthused to join her FB Lives when I receive daily notifications of her broadcasts. In my estimation, Shelley has successfully established herself as a reliable, trustworthy, thought leader in the healthcare and wellness space. And who doesn’t need a boost of positivity and wellness in the late afternoons?
Although having a consistent and authentic on-line presence may seem daunting, Shelley Simpson shows us how it’s done every day.

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