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Embracing the Change of Season

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As Oprah is to bread, I love summer! I love basking in the sun and watching the waves crash on the beach. I love socializing with friends, cooking and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I also love the playfulness of the summer season, so accepting the transition from summer into fall is always a challenge for me.

Why is it important to embrace the season you are in?

One thing I know about myself is that I am generally resistant to change, but I recognize that if I fail to embrace the season I am in, I will miss out on enjoying/appreciating the present moment.

Fall is the time for me to recommit and resume networking. Just like the start of a new year, fall also provides an opportunity to refocus, regroup and redirect your efforts, and a time to change and shift your energy/direction.


I recognize that I can expect to be more productive in my efforts to refocus on work if I embrace the goodness of the incoming season, rather than wasting time lamenting the loss of the past and/or outgoing season.


We hear a lot these days about “mindfulness,” but its importance is derived from avoiding the distractions of reliving the past, thus blocking our ability to be open to, and focused on, the future. After all, it is only the future that is within our capacity to at least direct (if not control) our efforts.


The best way for me to deal with the change of season is to make an affirmative choice to focus on those aspects of the current season, which relate to the aspects of summer that I adore, such as lightness and playfulness. Although there are fewer hours of sunlight each day, ambient light in the fall is enhanced by the colorful foliage in the northeast. Fall brings about the harvest season and a new lot of fresh foods and activities to enjoy, such as apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, and seasonal fruit pies. And just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and participate in the playfulness of Halloween (as Oprah is to bread, I also love candy), and socializing at holiday celebrations, such as Thanksgiving.


But also, I benefit when I embrace a playful aspect to refocusing my work efforts. As a solo practitioner, I can’t afford to view changing direction with dread and anxiety. I need to resist my resistance to change. I need to stay adaptable. Accepting the trials and errors associated with a growing legal practice and/or business with openness and positivity can make all the difference. I believe that having a positive attitude about growth and change can only serve to enhance my success, and I wish the same for my readers!


Now get out there and enjoy some pie!

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