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The Importance of Listening to Clients

As a solo practitioner, I have a greater personal investment than when I worked for someone else. All of the clients I work with are MY clients. There’s no longer the buffer of a large law firm in the middle of my client interactions. I’m not looking to impress the partners with my drafting skills. I am able to focus more clearly on listening to and understanding my client’s business concerns.
Every professional choice I make has a direct impact on the relationship with my clients. Those relationships mean everything to me and to the success of my practice. My commitment is that I will listen carefully and work to help grow their businesses by leveraging the knowledge I’ve gained over 20 years of experience practicing law. In addition, I will use valuable business knowledge, which really sank in when I opened Aimee B. Davis Law P.C.

Becoming a business owner made me:

  • A more savvy business attorney;
  • Understand all facets of running a successful, sustainable business;
  • More aware of the challenges faced by all business owners;
  • More creative about business development;
  • More adaptable to market changes;
  • Recognize that advancements in technology can both help and hinder my client’s business;
  • Realize how mobile devices feed the expectation that we are available 24/7 to do business; and
  • More practical in my approach to negotiating contracts and representing clients in complex commercial transactions.
After listening and giving careful consideration to the business concerns of my clients and their counterparties, Aimee B. Davis Law P.C. seeks straight-forward, simple solutions to complex legal and business issues. Since opening my own practice, I am focused more than ever on pleasing my clients and maintaining good relationships with them.

Get the Deal Done

Clients want their deals done as quickly and efficiently as possible. They prefer to avoid wrangling over legal verbiage, which increases transaction costs, unless the issue at hand has a significant economic consequence or practical business impact on the deal. Not every contract and not every issue within a contract is worth sustaining a protracted negotiation.
One of the most valuable lessons I learned in BIG LAW is that when the business people are ready to close a deal, regardless of the open legal issues, I acknowledge my role as a facilitator, and strive to avoid being an obstacle in getting the deal done. At a certain point, after framing the assumption of risk issues, the lawyer should step down and recognize that sometimes you can’t win every point.
Aimee B. Davis Law P.C. is committed to staying on top of legal issues and advising clients on the legal and business matters that are important to them. What sets us apart is that we are considerate of the client’s economic concerns and the value of each transaction.

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  1. I really appreciate the point you make here about gaining perspective and knowing when to get out of the way!

  2. Hello Aimee,

    I consider myself lucky to have stumbled onto your article. Please continue to send me your newsletter and subscribe me to get it regularly. I am bush lawyer and I will read every issue sent to my email address.

    Dudley Hirata
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