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Another Inspiring Woman

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{3.5 minutes to read} I met another inspiring, powerhouse female attorney due to the publication of my last blog on social media. [We reap what we sow, people; karma works!]


Leona Krasner, Esq. MBA is a family attorney and mediator committed to providing compassionate, solution-focus, and flawless execution for each client.


Leona slid into my DMs on LinkedIn after reading my blog about the importance of female mentorship in the legal profession. She suggested we meet on Zoom, and she came to our meeting full of energy and enthusiasm, offering helpful suggestions and insights.


To inspire others and support Leona, I’m sharing a bit about HER SUCCESS STORY:

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Leona began her legal career as an Assistant Attorney General, where she learned how to litigate cases. However, she longed for a more dynamic practice and a deeper engagement with her clients.


She met a matrimonial attorney in her BNI group who took Leona under her wing and gave her some experience with family law. From there, Leona took off like a rocket! She went from launching a solo family law practice in March, 2019 to becoming the Managing Partner of a matrimonial firm with 5 attorneys, 5 paralegals and 5 interns. And she did it in less than 2 years, and in the middle of a global pandemic.


During COVID lockdown she hired her cousin as her first employee and paralegal, who commuted to work through the empty streets of NYC on a bicycle. When nearly every other business was struggling, Krasner Law, PLLC was (and continues to be) exploding with business.


Krasner Law’s practice areas generally fall into 4 buckets: (i) people looking to get married who need a prenuptial agreement, (ii) people who are getting divorced, (iii) people who need help with their children, such as custody, visitation, child support, and paternity issues, and (iv) people who need a restraining order.


Leona is great at reading between the lines! Her effective use of technology and the speed at which she gets things done is impressive! Within moments of our meeting, she graciously introduced me to another female attorney practicing immigration law, with whom I’m scheduled to meet. Leona’s is the kind of energy I want to surround myself with as we move away from lockdown and into the post-Covid era. 


Leona also gave me some useful marketing tips to help me most effectively and succinctly communicate the services I provide. Knowing that I am a corporate generalist, she suggested I ask people the following questions: 


  • Do you need to have a contract reviewed?
  • Do you need someone to help you negotiate and enter into a written agreement?
  • Are you wondering if you need or should enter into a written contract?
  • Do you know anyone who falls into the 3 categories above?


If so, please reach out to me at, and if you know anyone whom Krasner Law, PLLC may be able to help, please reach out to Leona Krasner at We both offer free consultations, as well as empathy, compassion and results-oriented legal services to all clients.


What women inspire you?

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